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The Cult of Ha-Ha Harry

Where we do it for snitches & giggles.

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Tickle Me Harry
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Greetings and Salutations.

Welcome to Tickle Me Harry -

The world can be a crappy place. Who needs dementors when we have politicians, bosses, neighbors and friends sucking away our souls on a daily basis?

This is a place where we can come for a laugh and forget the rest of the world, if only for a while. Come here to find fandom parodies, humor fics, fan art, jokes, puns, and the occasional dirty limerick.

These are things that I like and I am hoping that you -- friends, writers, artists, lurkers and the morbidly curious -- will help to feed my addiction.

No, I am not above begging.

Members can post fics, et al, to the community whenever the feeling hits - and I'm hoping you get hit often. Post your own stuff or link us to the things that made you laugh today, or yesterday, or even the day before that. I don't care how old it is, or how long ago you wrote it. If it can make someone smile you should post it here. Share the joy, you selfish bastard.

I will issue random challenges, especially if I am having a bad week or if I just read another frickin' angst ridden fic that makes me question man's inhumanity towards man.

You people *really* need to lighten up.

General Rules:

· Please post all warnings clearly. I'm not going to ban Character Death or Non Con, but let us know it's coming, m'kay?

· All ratings accepted BUT no one under the age of 16 in your fic gets any nookie - I waited and they should too, dammit. Snog - Yes. Shag - No. I will allow some heavy petting and the occasional taut nipple.

· Let's get all formal - like a real community - and post fics with the following template:


(Put your story behind an LJ cut because it's neat and pretty this way.)

· No flaming-you insensitive prick-or I will ban your sorry ass.

· I don't want to set an age requirement because teenagers need to laugh too, so please heed the warnings and don't make me go all school marm on you.

· No MST-ing without consent of original author. You know what -- don't do it at all because it's not funny. In fact, it sucks.

· Do not insult fandom members. I don't want someone coming on and trashing a writer or fandom personality. Go create your own community and leave mine alone.

· Have a sense of humor. The things posted in this community are meant to be light and to help make the fandom a fun place. I don't want the fandom police all over me if I hold a “101 Ways to Kill Off Dobby” challenge, or if someone writes a “Cannibal's Guide to Harry Potter.”

All rules are subject to change and my whims because it's my Community, and I am a baby.

Yes, the power has gone to my head.

Community Grand Pooh-Bah -thetreacletart

Background by Corrinne Cullen.

For more laughs, check out hphumor- you'll be glad you did.

Proud to Pimp - The Phoenix Rising, a Harry Potter Symposium.

Phoenix Rising

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