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Halloween 1974

Title: Halloween 1974
Author: pica_scribit
Rating: PG
Warning: Lederhosen
Word Count: 497
Genre: Silly fluff, preslash
Characters: Sirius, Remus, James, Peter
Synopsis: Sirius gets to choose the Marauders' costumes for the Halloween party.
Timeline: Marauders' 5th Year
Disclaimer: I do not own the Marauders, since I am not JKR. I do not own the Queen of Hearts, since I am not Lewis Carroll. Little Red Riding Hood is a folk tale, and therefore public domain.
Author's Note: If someone would like to do an illustration of the boys in their costumes, I would be forever grateful! Feedback is my drug of choice. As usual, please report any errors or inconsistencies.

Halloween 1974

"What do you think?" asked Sirius, pirouetting to show off his costume to full effect, the cloak billowing around his ankles.

"Red is really not your colour, Padfoot," Remus said drily. "The frock's nice, though."

Sirius gave him a wicked grin. "I knew you'd like it. Now it's your turn." He held out something gray and furry.

Remus stared at it in horror. "No. You can't be serious. I won't do it."

"C'mon," Sirius pleaded, blinking large, dark eyes winsomely. "You agreed I could choose what we went as this year."

"He's got you there, mate," James said, pulling a green tartan nightgown over his head. "As I recall it was the prefects who voted on the Fairy Tale theme for this year's Halloween party. It's your own fault you said Sirius could pick which one for us."

"Did he have to pick Little Red Riding Hood?" grumbled Remus.

Sirius grinned again and pushed the gray, furry thing into his hands.

"This isn't funny, you know," said Remus with a sigh, tying the string under his chin.

"It's not like anyone else knows," said Peter reasonably. "I think the ears are quite fetching. At least you don't have to wear lederhosen."

"You've no room to complain, mate," Sirius told Peter. "Look. I -- er -- 'borrowed' a crossbow from Hagrid. You look like the perfect German fairy tale huntsman."

"You're not arming him, surely?" James cried in mock horror.

"Don't worry," Sirius assured him. "It's not loaded."

Remus patted Peter on the arm. "I think your knee socks are quite dashing."

"I just don't want to look like a tosser in front of Maddy," said Peter uncomfortably.

James and Sirius groaned. The Marauders did not really approve of Peter's Slytherin sometimes-girlfriend.

"What's she going as?" Remus asked kindly.

"A tart?" suggested Sirius.

"Not really much of a costume," James replied critically, tying a bonnet under his chin.

Remus shot them a quelling look.

Peter stared at his toes. He knew how his friends felt about Madeleine Yaxley. "I think she's going as some kind of princess," he said quietly.

"Lily's going as the Queen of Hearts," James said dreamily.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Off with their heads! I swear, all these two ever think about is girls." He looked to Remus for sympathy, but found none.

"Is this all I have to wear?" asked Remus. "Just the ears?"

Sirius grinned, and Remus got a familiar sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Of course not!" He whipped a second tartan nightgown and bonnet out from under his pillow and displayed them with flourish.

Remus took the garment and examined it critically. He saw that the tag inside the neck read "MM", and knew his sinking feeling had been justified.

He sighed. "Detentions all around again, is it?" he asked, pulling the Deputy Headmistress's nightgown over his head.

"Why break tradition?" asked Peter with a grin. He held open the dormitory door and bowed. "Shall we go down, ladies?"

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