Loyaulte Me Lie (shocolate) wrote in tickle_me_harry,
Loyaulte Me Lie

Coming soon - the Harry Potter Funny Fest Ficathon Type Thing!

I hope this is allowed, oh lovely mod.....

Why Funny?
We are sick of angst and character death - we suspect there may be more of the same in a certain book, due out in July - and we wanted to have a good laugh, beforehand.

What sort of Funny?
Any sort of Funny – smutty!Funny, crack!Funny, baby-Weasley!Funny, plugs!Arthur!Funny, smitten!Hagrid!Funny, WWW!Funny...

So, go and friend and join hp_funnyfest and come up with some smashing funny requests, for when the Request post opens on April 1st - good timing, huh???

Claims will be open from April 15th, and we will be Amused from June 10th.

All pairing, non-pairings, all ratings - as long as it is funny!!!

Please pimp this for me, as I really cannot reach the amusing!Blackcest parts of the fandom!
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